Can Humans Cause A Haunting?

By contributing team member, Patricia

Disclaimer: This article is based on my own experiences and what I have learned as both a psychic and paranormal investigator. The examples given here are isolated, specific experiences. The stories and examples related here are limited to those experiences and should not be construed to be global truths or “the norm.” Just because I, and my colleagues, have experienced such behaviors, does not mean that your situation or experience is, or will be, the same.

Sometimes, the process of our investigation reveals that the paranormal activity a client is experiencing is actually being manifested by someone within the family or linked to the site in some way. Meaning that some person is actually making the activity happen. In other words, a human is causing a haunting.

Often, when phenomena happens, people’s first thought is that it is evil or, worse, demonic. Not so! We, as human beings, sometimes have the ability, energy, and/or state of mind to produce paranormal phenomena. People’s moods, body changes, and unhealthy addictions can contribute to this.

The most common type of activity sometimes attributed to a person is poltergeist activity. According to Wikipedia, the term “poltergeist” comes from the German word “poltem” (to make sound) and “geist” (ghost and spirit or a noisy ghost). They are most often known for physical disturbances; objects that move and may be destroyed, the levitation of objects, knocks, and sometime even physical touch. Poltergeist activity often ends as quickly as it comes and some well-documented cases can trace the time lines of such behavior to a specific person who is experiencing severe hormonal changes or emotional periods.

Children, both male and female, may unconsciously “project” their angst and emotional energy and can cause “poltergeist” activity. This behavior is most commonly seen in cases of children during puberty. There are numerous documented cases of such behavior involving pubescent children or young adults.

Blue orb with investigatorOther bodily changes, may also attract spirit entity(ies). One example is an investigation we conducted at a small family cemetery where civil war soldiers and their families were buried. One of our female investigators had just had a child and was still lactating. As a psychic, I could see small children following her around the cemetery and when I asked for someone to take a photo, some of the photos showed small orbs of different colors around her. Spirits may also be attracted to “kindred” souls; perhaps the person looks like a loved one or someone they did not like. These spirits may choose to follow, or be attracted to, people of any gender or age.

A person might also invite a spirit presence to them, whether they realize it or not, and provide that spirit with the energy necessary to act out or make its presence known. Sometimes this happens when we are reluctant to say goodbye to a loved one. Such activity may also happen when a “portal” or access to the spirit realm is accidentally opened, for instance, through the miss-use of a Ouija board.

Finally, mental illness, addictions, and negative social situations may also be a stimulus for paranormal phenomena. Drug and alcohol abuse, abusive living conditions, and squalor provide negative energy that some spirit entities thrive on. When we interview prospective clients, we ask about these things and when we investigate, we look for these things. Even if these issues are not the actual cause of paranormal activity, they often contribute to it. In some cases, a physician should evaluate the affected person before any type of full-scale investigation takes place.

Other types of paranormal activity can happen that involves a living person, even though that activity may not be manifested by, or through them. Many people, on their death beds, have reported seeing loved ones long deceased, angels or even pets. Everyone’s passing is so personal that we, as loved ones, should do our best to show support and help with their passing as far as we are able.

Many cultures believe that children, from birth to as old as five, are still connected to the spiritual world and may be capable of experiencing spirit phenomena. They aren’t causing it, but they may be able to see things that we, as adults, cannot. Sometimes this is where children get those “imaginary friends.” Usually, that’s just what they are; imagination. But there are numerous cases of children “talking” to invisible visitors and seeming to know, or understand, things that should be far too advanced for their young minds.

Not every case of paranormal activity is caused by, or manifested through, an individual. Most often, the cases we investigate don’t seem to be associated with a particular individual involved in the case. But, just as we try to eliminate or determine whether there are rational, worldly explanations for activity before we call it “paranormal,” we must look at the environment and all the circumstances surrounding a case to determine that phenomena is coming from an external source rather than an individual close to the case.

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