Paranormal Investigations and Services

We offer services in the following categories. Please contact us for more information, today!

On-site Paranormal Investigations

This is our primary role. We investigate private homes, businesses, and public venues using scientific processes to identify and, ultimately, understand paranormal phenomenon.

Our team is staffed by volunteers and we provide these services confidentially.

Informational Programs about the Paranormal

We offer a variety of on-site programs designed to educate and promote discussion of the paranormal, the investigative process, and the evidence we have collected from certain cases.

Every year, we are pleased to provide a series of these programs at various San Antonio Library branches, but we also provide these programs to other youth and civic organizations. Call or write for more information.

Disclaimer: Sixth Sense Paranormal reserves the right to use any images, sound or video files, whether obtained through investigation or received without solicitation, for any educational, informational, or promotional purpose we deem appropriate.

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