About Us

Sixth Sense Paranormal is dedicated to the investigation, documentation, and study of paranormal phenomena and activity. Some would call us “Ghost Hunters.” We use technical and scientific investigative equipment and techniques, employed in cooperation with spiritual and metaphysical methods, to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and professional results possible.

We offer paranormal investigations in San Antonio and South Central Texas.

We provide the following services to the community:

We are unique in that we openly accept the role that psychic sensitives can have in furthering the investigative (ghost hunting) process. Our members with these gifts provide us with information that enhances and validates the scientific data we collect through technology and research.

Our experienced staff is committed to confidentially helping our clients understand the phenomenon they face.

Disclaimer: Sixth Sense Paranormal reserves the right to use any images, sound or video files, whether obtained through investigation or received without solicitation, for any educational, informational, or promotional purpose we deem appropriate.

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