Photographic ‘evidence’ is one of the most common types of data that we collect.  While many photographic anomalies are easily explained, and some are quite controversial, sometimes the photo and the story, together, make us pause and consider…

Orbs are a very controversial subject in this field and largely ignored by many investigators, including SSP. Sometimes, however, a photo, together with the circumstances surrounding it, becomes more than just an orb. This photo is interesting in that in was taken during a ‘conversation’ that one of our psychic investigators was having with a little girl, who was described as standing exactly where the orb is in this photograph.

Orb from downtown San Antonio

The photo below was taken during a private investigation.  Our psychic was describing a woman she saw standing near the dining room table.  We later found out that the description matched the client’s mother, who originally owned the table.  Click here to listen to the audio of the event. Photo and audio provided with permission.

Orb on the dining room table

Do you see what we saw? We must have looked pretty silly after this photo was taken, trying to duplicate the mist you see here by any normal means.  To hear the whole story, visit one of our library sessions.

Strange mist

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