Another Orb Explanation

Every year, we receive dozens of calls and inquiries from people asking us to take a look at their "paranormal" photos. Many of these images have orbs in them - usually taken during or after a funeral or significant family event. One of the hardest parts of doing what we do is explaining to … Continue reading

New Article – What Are Orbs, Really?

Here's a new article about the pros and cons of the orb debate! Mythical, magical identifier of the spirit world? Or simply an accumulation of natural anomalies such as dust, pollen, ice crystals, or moisture? The topic of orbs is the subject of a plethora of controversy. There are many … Continue reading

Sixth Sense to Host Ken Gerhard!

We are proud to announce that Ken Gerhard, internationally known cryptozoologist and author, will speak at our July 12th quarterly meeting. Ken will be talking about his new book, Encounters with Flying Humanoids: Mothman, Man Birds, Gargoyles and other Winged Beasts! Make your plans now to … Continue reading