Another Orb Explanation

Every year, we receive dozens of calls and inquiries from people asking us to take a look at their “paranormal” photos. Many of these images have orbs in them – usually taken during or after a funeral or significant family event. One of the hardest parts of doing what we do is explaining to people (who really want some paranormal validation) that their images are probably not paranormal.

Most orbs are NOT paranormalOne of our team members came across this article from a group in New Zealand and I wanted to share it with everyone here. The article shows some great graphics about how flash patterns can affect and influence orb manifestations in our photographs.

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For a better idea about how we at Sixth Sense Paranormal deal with the issues of orbs in photos, please read our article on the subject.


New Article – What Are Orbs, Really?

Here’s a new article about the pros and cons of the orb debate!

Click Here to read the entire article!Mythical, magical identifier of the spirit world? Or simply an accumulation of natural anomalies such as dust, pollen, ice crystals, or moisture?

The topic of orbs is the subject of a plethora of controversy. There are many valuable opinions and sources of evidence that both validate and dethrone the idea that all orbs are of a paranormal nature.

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New Article – Can Humans Cause A Haunting?

We are pleased to announce that we’ve just posted the first in a series of planned articles. Thanks to Patricia for this one – Enjoy!

Blue orb with investigatorSometimes, the process of our investigation reveals that the paranormal activity a client is experiencing is actually being manifested by someone within the family or linked to the site in some way. Meaning that some person is actually making the activity happen. In other words, a human is causing a haunting.

Often, when phenomena happens, people’s first thought is that it is evil or, worse, demonic. Not so! We, as human beings, sometimes have the ability, energy, and/or state of mind to produce paranormal phenomena. People’s moods, body changes, and unhealthy addictions can contribute to this.

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